A Very Merry Crunchgiving

The month of NovA Very Merry Crunchgivingember is often recognized as a time to reflect on what we are most thankful for, all while scarfing up as much food as our stomachs can hold. It makes sense if you think about it; all milestones in this life are celebrated in the same feasting-fashion, so we might as well celebrate our lives in general by eating enough food for the following year.  It’s important to take the time to tell your loved ones that you appreciate them, what better way than sharing some of your favorite foods? If you’re reading this, odds are you #DareToCrunch and your favorite savory snack is the crispy goodness that is the Crunch Roll™, and that’s an important thing to be thankful for, too. Let’s pause for a moment of thanks to reflect on some of the reasons why Crunch Rolls™ are one of the universe’s greatest achievements, and why they are a staple for anyone that wishes to have a very merry Crunchgiving.


1.) An On-The-Go Snack for Your On-The-Go Lifestyle- As Americans, the foundation of our culture is built on busy schedules and fast-paced living; it only makes sense that the foundation of our snacks is built on the same concept. Whether you need a quick bite in between meetings or your kids aren’t quite patient enough to wait until dinner is prepared, Crunch Rolls™ are your answer.


2.) The Appetizer Everyone Will Be Talking About- It’s the everlasting struggle: when you’re attending a gathering, an appetizer is the perfect go-to, but you don’t want to bring the same chips and dip that someone else is bound to show up with. When you bring Crunch Rolls™ to a party, they are sure to be a conversation starter. The best part? You can pick them up already prepared at your local grocery or convenience store!


3.) Minimal Preparation Required– Not everyone is a chef by nature, so it’s important to be thankful for the tasty food that’s easy to make. When the hanger hits, simply pop Crunch Rolls™ in the oven, grab your favorite dipping sauce (we recommend ranch, blue cheese or marinara) and you’re well on your way to flavortown without all of that meal preparation!  Should you have a fryer up your sleeve, the Crunch Rolls™ will be done in 6 minutes!


These are just a few of the many reasons to be thankful for our favorite crunch and for crunchers everywhere.  In fact, why have a Thanksgiving, when you can have a Crunchgiving?  Grab some Crunch Rolls™  today and share the love.

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