How Do You Predict A Winner?

When it comes to superstitions, it’s no surprise that people all over the county have abstract theories for how they think you should decide who’s going to take home the trophy.

Traditional Predictions

First, there’s the old-school way to approach predicting the winner. These predictions are based on statistics. For example, which team had the best defense in the past season? Which quarterback has the most winning passes? Although this approach is probably the most accurate, we think there are much more entertaining ways to pick your favorite team.

Flipping a Coin (Picking Your Favorite Color?)

Next up is making predictions based on odds. Sure, flipping a coin is a standard way to make a choice when you’re feeling indecisive, but, in our opinion, the best way to choose a team is by going with your favorite color. Believe it or not, there’s a correlation between jersey color and number of super bowl wins. 

The BEST Way To Predict

We’re about to let you in on a HUGE secret; believe it or not, there is a superior tactic for choosing the winning team next Sunday. Here’s how:

Step 1: Grab two perfectly cooked Crunch Rolls™, one of each flavor.

Step 2: Have another person rearrange the Crunch Rolls so that you do not know which one is which flavor.

Step 3: Associate one team to each flavor (i.e. The Rams are Buffalo Chicken and Patriots are Banana Pepper)


Not sure who to pick? Don’t worry; if you have Crunch Rolls™ at your viewing party for the big game, you’ll always be a winner. We have retail 5-packs available for purchase at all TOP’s locations, or you can always call up Mark’s Pizzeria and have them delivered to your door! Check out our Crunch Locator and find a location where Crunch Rolls™ are sold near you so that you can stock up for Sunday!

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