Mac N’ Cheese Crunch Rolls: The Latest & Greatest Flavor?

At the Crunch Roll Factory, we are constantly coming up with new and exciting flavors that will bring the crunchy goodness of our product to the next level. With our latest flavor, mouthwatering mac n’ cheese, we believe we have found the perfect taste to compliment our original flavor-Buffalo chicken- and of course, our equally as tasty banana pepper.

Our mac n’ cheese flavor was inspired by one of America’s classic dishes. For generations, families have gathered around after a long day to enjoy this classic comfort food, and we thought, what better way to enjoy it than in a portable, delicious, CRUNCHY shell? This traditional taste can now be enjoyed on-the-go, at events and parties or on the couch during a Netflix binge with no bowl or spoon necessary!

Our premium mac n’ cheese filling inside of a crispy shell serves the perfect balance of both smooth and crunchy flavors in every bite. When taking your first mouthful, you’ll be overwhelmed by the exciting CRUNCH that is followed by an overflow of delicious, cheesy macaroni flavor that’s better than what mom used to make. Once you #DareToCrunch, you can never look back!

So, what does one dip this magnificent snack into? Well, that can be answered by asking yourself one simple question: “How do you enjoy your macaroni and cheese?” Some might prefer buffalo chicken mac n’ cheese, in which case, dipping into some hot sauce might be your best move. However, if you’re a little more traditional, you can’t go wrong with dipping into ketchup!

Ready to take on the dare to try our newest flavor? Crunch Rolls can be found all over the country. Check out where they’re being sold in your neck of the woods!