New Year, Same Crunch

New year, same crunch. This past year, thousands of adventurers have taken us up on our #DareToCrunch; leaving the globe with more crunch fanatics than ever before. Looking forward to a new year means that another 365 days of dares are on the horizon, and we’ve got oodles of new releases in store for our fellow fanatics. (pun intended).

Convenient Store Crunch

It’s no secret that all who #DareToCrunch appreciate the element of surprise; after all, biting into a Crunch Roll is single-handedly the most pleasant surprise that a person’s taste buds can handle. That’s why we’re not going to give away EVERYTHING in our crunch-tastic tool belt, but what we can tell you is that a monumental partnership with an international convenient store may or may not be a month or so away from making its national debut (wink wink).

Get Fried Following

If you’re wondering what could possibly be better than having Crunch Rolls accessible throughout the entire east coast, we’re here to tell you that crunching will soon be a national pastime. As the year progresses, so will the number of locations where you can buy Crunch Rolls in the west. Thanks to our continued partnership with Get Fried-a company as dedicated to bringing the world a taste of crunchy goodness as we are-locations as far as Texas will have Crunch Rolls available at an arm’s reach.

Crunch Roll Giveaways

Because of our quest for a #DaretoCrunch America, we’re ready to give away more Crunch Rolls™ in 2018.  As we speak, a free case of Crunch Rolls is on the way to the lucky winner of the Big Game Giveaway.  Be sure to follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for more Crunch Rollgiveaways.


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