The Story of The Crunch Roll

It all began on a sun-drenched summer day in the Queen City of Buffalo, New York. A family owned and operated restaurant opened its doors in 2015 with a hopeful heart and a menu that even the biggest Buffalo foodies were not mentally prepared for. Once ribbons were cut and hungry civilians flooded in, tables were filled immediately and the first Crunch Roll™ was ordered as an appetizer. This suspenseful moment would be known as the birth of the Crunch Roll™ phenomena. From that day forward, Crunch Rolls™ became the most highly demanded deep-fried crunchy goodness that Western New York has ever known. In just two short years, and now under the name, The Original Crunch Roll Factory”, Crunch Rolls™ can now be found in over 600+ food service operations including restaurants, grocery stores, convenient stores, arena concessions, and college campuses throughout the Northeast and down to Florida. We’ve also taken the show on the road with our very own Crunch Roll Factory Food Truck!

So what’s all of the hype about? Imagine your favorite local snack; whether it’s a savory stuffed banana pepper or a heaping serving of Buffalo chicken. Is your mouth watering? Good! Now add a deep fried, satisfying ‘crunch’. Go ahead and take a bite. Your taste buds will thank you.

Once you have tried both the Banana Pepper and the Buffalo Chicken Crunch Rolls™, it’s time to make a crucial decision. “Which is my favorite?”, you ask yourself. The Buffalo Chicken Crunch Roll™, with its premium hot sauce and three-cheese blend, or the Banana Pepper Crunch Roll™, with its hint of garlic and satisfying finish? After hours of debate, you will find yourself calling it a draw; there is no way to put into words how both flavors make you feel.

Now that you understand the phenomenon that has overwhelmed your taste buds, you can fully appreciate the experience of the Crunch Roll™. In fact, it’s our mission to have anyone that breathes #daretocrunch this 4.25 oz deep fried piece of heaven. The journey is just beginning. We’re building momentum, expanding into new markets every day and educating America on the joy of all things Crunch Roll™. Today, it’s the savory splendor of Banana Pepper and Buffalo Chicken, tomorrow, who knows what we’ll add? The next awesome flavor is just waiting to happen.

The truth is you owe us nothing but you owe yourself and those you care about the very best CRUNCH. If you haven’t tried one yet, it’s time. Follow us on all of our social media (Like, Comment, Share) to get the latest Crunch Roll™ facts and sightings. You too, can join the growing, glorious ranks of those who #DareToCrunch.