Your Personality Based on Your Favorite Crunch Roll Flavor

Crunch Roll flavors vary in into three flavor profiles based on ingredients that -when put together- create a harmony of overwhelming deliciousness. Just as each Crunch Roll™ flavor is different and unique, so are our personalities. So, pick your Crunch flavor of choice and we’ll tell you what it says about you!

Buffalo Chicken Crunch Rolls™

If our Buffalo Chicken is your go-to, you are an adventurous person who still believes in the importance of staying grounded to your roots. You love a little spice in your life, and you are willing to take risks to get it, including traveling to unfamiliar places or trying new foods! But, no matter where life takes you, you can always appreciate the traditions and culture you were raised in.

Mac N’ Cheese Crunch Rolls™

Our Mac N’ Cheese flavor brings the comfort of home with a new twist of a crunchy, crispy shell, and that is reflected in your personality by choosing it as your favorite. You are a rock to most people; they rely on you to make decisions with confidence and careful consideration. Even though you attract to making a statement, like wearing a trendy article of clothing to make yourself stand out, people tend to respect it, and typically end up following in your path!

Banana Pepper Crunch Rolls™

If Banana Pepper is the Crunch Roll™ that has your heart, then you’re probably a sentimental person that tends to put others before yourself. You are constantly making sure that the people around you are happy and because of that, your presence gives others great joy! Your creativity is strong and you love thinking about things from an outsider’s prospective.

Maybe you aren’t sure which flavor is your Crunch Roll™ soulmate yet, and that’s OK! Check out our Crunch Locator and find out where you can get some Crunch Rolls™ near you so you can match your personality to your preference: Click here

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